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I propose some "slow tours", to delve deeper into the history
of Paduan art from the 14th to the 20th century:

Scrovegni Chapel - Basilica of Sant'Antonio -
Palace of Reason
guided tour - half day

Scrovegni Chapel 

two-hour guided tour (45 minutes inside the chapel)

only on non-holiday Mondays

cost, ticket included €20 per person

Basilica of Sant'Antonio - Antoniano Museum - Church of the Servi
guided tour - half day

Treves Gardens - Giacomini Romiati Gardens (on request) - Caffé Pedrocchi 
guided tour - half day

Scrovegni Chapel - Basilica of Sant'Antonio - Baptistery of the Duomo
guided tour - half day

Insurrection Square, University - the Liviano and the Bo, Basilica of Sant'Antonio, Prato della Valle


Prato della Valle at 360° - The Loggia Amulea - The Memmia Island - The Foro Boario

Prato della Valle intera.jpg
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