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Since 1999 I have started a collaboration with the Civic Museums of Padua and the Cultural Activities Sector of the Municipality of Padua which began with a post-graduate internship and continued with a professional assignment  and then it was divided into a varied educational activity for adults and children which still persists today (Art Nights and Learn the Museum). In March 2012 for the Cultural Activities Sector I curated the exhibition Disgelo, a solo exhibition by Graziella Da Gioz (Galleria de La Rinascente, Padua).


From 1999 to today I have been appointed by the Municipality of Padua to carry out numerous institutional visits in Italian and English to accompany local and foreign personalities visiting the city. Among these Monsignor Antonio Mattiazzo, Bishop of Padua; Massimo Cacciari, as Mayor of Venice; Professor Véronique Perdereau, Vice-Rector of the Sorbonne; the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics Bryan P. Schmidt; Robert Baines, Australian goldsmith artist.


From 2011 to 2015 I was a member of Rossodimarte, an artistic and cultural dissemination and promotion company based in Padua, which I helped to create, dedicating myself in particular to cultural proposals for the adult public.


I have under my belt the curatorship and critical presentation of some contemporary art exhibitions and critical texts for art catalogs and monographs.

From  2003 I am a licensed tour guide for my city and the Venetian villas.

I taught art history in English at a linguistic high school in Padua (2002-2003).


From 2012 to 2018 I was responsible for the cultural programming of the Ferri Cultural Association (on the board), for which I organized trips, guided visits to the main exhibitions in the north-east, courses and conferences.
I have collaborated for several years with the FIAB of Padua and the Friends of the Bicycle.
I have held conferences and lessons for the Circolo Storici Padovani, the CTG La Specola, the CTG Famiglia Artistica, the Lions CLub PAdova Host, the Scuola del Tempo Libero of Montegrotto Terme, the Maria Cristina di Savoia Cultural Conference in Rovigo, Inner's Wheeler's Padova CARF .


For almost a decade
 I survey and study the commemorative monuments of the Great War of the province of Padua. In the context of research and study of the history of the First World War, I approached combatant associations and I am a member, historical-artistic researcher and delegate for culture of the Association National Fighters and Veterans for the Federation of Padua (A.N.C.R.) and I am responsible for the historical-artistic part of the website; din autumn 2016 I am a meritorious member of the A.n.m.i.g., National Association
Mutilated and War Invalids, for which I conducted studies on the House of the Mutilated of Padua. The merit was awarded to me for "the strong dedication combined with a notable expertise in contemporary art and history with particular
regarding the Great War" (Claudio Betti, National President of A.n.m.i.g.); since 2018 I have also been a member of the Padua Federation of the Istituto Nastro Azzurro Association.


Since 2015 I have returned to freelancing and reestablished myself as Neroassoluto.
What is NeroAssoluto?

 Art for me is not a job, but a passion, indispensable. I grew up with the absolute conviction that art should be an integral part of my life. My family has been dedicated to teaching for generations, this is also part of my genetic makeup as well as a predisposition for foreign languages. Growing up I was lucky enough to indulge all these passions of mine and transform them first into a course of study and then into a work activity. I have been collaborating with numerous associations for years. After after obtaining a second degree, in contemporary art history, I specialized in the artistic period of the post-war period, with particular attention to monuments commemorating fallen soldiers and soldier artists. The new skills acquired quickly led me to another important growth path.                                                 
Neroassoluto is an original guided tour idea that was born with a strong and defined character. It is a slow tour, an all-encompassing experience that must be experienced at 360° and not with the usual hit-and-run that characterizes most guided tours. The historical-artistic paths are particular, absolute, limited to a few topics, but never banal or repetitive. 
I love black in the same way that the Dutch painters of the seventeenth century loved it and in the same way that Van Gogh loved and studied it, who during his studies had identified 19 shades of black in the works of Frans Hals. The material blacks of August Strindberg and the diffused black of Marc Rothko hypnotize me. I love marble and granite. I consider absolute black granite to be a masterpiece of nature, and a masterpiece of human genius: Cupid and Psyche by Canova (Louvre), an absolute masterpiece, even if... in white marble!

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